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Great Crested Newt Habitat/Impact Assessment

A daytime walkover assessment and desk top study of your site, surrounding land and ponds, including Habitat Suitability Index Score and impact assessments, in order to understand whether further surveys are required based upon site proposals.

Newt Presence/Absence Surveys

Required to prove Likely absence or confirmed presence of great crested newt populations within nearby ponds. Includes impact assessment as above, and detailed mitigation to prevent impacts to great crested newts. Ponds require X4 surveys by Natural England Licensed newt ecologists using various methods between Mid-March and Mid-June. Where great crested newts are discovered, a further X2 population class surveys are required to ascertain population size. For more info and a cost effective tailored quote call us today. 

eDNA Survey

Can only be undertaken between Mid-April and June 30th inclusive. Used to prove presence or likely absence of great crested newts (as above), but using environmental DNA (eDNA) test from water samples. However, due to the 1-2 week laboratory process, should the test prove positive, there may not be enough time to undertake required X6 surveys as above before the end of June. The eDNA test is recommended for ponds with very low potential (to support newts), and where there is not enough time left to undertake the X4 conventional surveys. For more information and a cost effective tailored quote call us today. 

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  • Our friendly, professional, qualified, and experienced ecologists will guide and advice you through the whole process from pre-survey to post report 

  • We keep fees low by providing cost effective pragmatic solutions for your project with fixed prices and tight deadlines

  • Our quotes include all expenses and reports, they dont include hidden fees.

  • We stay in touch with regular progress updates and respond to your emails and call backs within hours not days

  • We offer reduced fees for repeat and long term customers 

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